There are lots of slot machine myths floating around online these days.  Some of this info just comes from misinformed writers, and others want to simply make some easy money.  We decided to make a list of slot machine myths to help you on the right track.

It Matters What Time of Day you Play

Online casinos, or land-based casinos for that matter aren’t able to program their slot machines to pay out at certain times of the day.  They are randomly generated, so they are also not more likely to pay out on certain days of the week – or on special occasions.  Don’t factor this in to your wagering.

The Length of Time Since Last Jackpot Matters

You might have heard the phrase that a slot machine is “hot” or “cold” – none of this is true.  Every single spin of the reels will act as its own independent event.  If a slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while, it doesn’t automatically mean that it will pay out, they also don’t have their very own hot streaks and continue to pay out more.

A Casino Employer will be Able to Help you Find the Winning Slot

This is for land-based casino fans.  There have been many times when we have been at a casino where we hear customers asking employees which slot games are lucky or loose.  In actual fact, casino employees are just as wise to you as which slot is most likely to pay out next. 

Using Loyalty Points Will Give you Less Chance of Winning

Another one of our slot machine myths that we find cropping up, is that players think that they are less likely to win if they play with loyalty points. In actual fact – online casinos and land-based casinos don’t mind paying out loyalty point cash – and the same random number generator software is used irrespective of whether you are playing with real money or bonus funds.

We hope we have made some of these slot machine myths a little clearer for you!  Visit our games section to check out some of the great games we have on offer.

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